Without the right partner, your network cable installation can cause a big disconnect.

Problems like ballooning budgets, poorly made schedules, and disconnected planning can raise your total cost of ownership and damage your business in the short and long term. NEXUS4 is here to eliminate those problems with over 15 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Choice, cost savings, speed of deployment and convenience: That is what the reuse of existing cable can offer the end-user if they want to migrate their existing analogue based surveillance, access control or intercom system, to IP.

NEXUS4 offers Retrofit cabling solutions to fit the needs of your property. Retro-fitting your property can include either adding to or entirely replacing your current communications platform with a new WiFi infrastructure over a previously-installed wired solution or adding wired/wireless capability to an existing one.

Your property may need Retrofit Cabling if:

  • You want to replace current Market Rate Internet and/or Video services with Bulk Internet and/or Video services.
  • You want to add Video and/or Voice services to your property.
  • Your property has a wired infrastructure, and you want to add wireless capability to the property.
  • You have no Help Desk Support for your staff and tenants.
  • You have no 24/7 Monitoring and IT Support for the property network.
  • You have no way to visually see the tenant traffic on your network or run usage reports as needed.
  • You have no professional concierge marketing support
  • Your property has infrastructure partially installed, and you need help to complete the installation.
  • Your property has limited service, whether wireless or wired.
  • Your tenants are complaining about speeds and/or unreliable service.

Ready to get started? The first step is a friendly no-obligation 30 minute site evaluation of your property network infrastructure, as well as reviewing staff and resident needs. NEXUS4 will balance the current infrastructure with the most current technology advancements that fit the needs of your property and budget. A variety of value based options, including financing, multiple technology offerings, net operating income and ROI will be discussed during your consultation.

Contact us today for a no-obligation site evaluation.

Today’s internet and WiFi hungry world is only getting more complicated. Imagine a sensor on every device in every room (including the refrigerator) in your dwelling space. What now exists as 5-10 connected devices to a single hub in each home, will in the coming years become 50-100.

The ability of your network to remain individually discreet among each and every user, while providing robust and error-free connectivity, will always be at the heart of your staff and residents needs. NEXUS4 can help you begin your new cabling infrastructure from the ground up with the latest technology advancements.

Multi-state, low-voltage and electrical licensing are some of the things that make NEXUS4 the most efficient choice and platform to work with as a single organization. No matter what stage we are in – planning, development, or installation – NEXUS4 offers you the best service guaranteed. Our 15 years of experience in the industry prove that we know how to manage your project from a single vantage point.