Many of the states in the U.S., as well as some countries, have adopted ambitious energy goals of switching to 100% renewable energy in the years to come. With the ongoing concerns for water conservation, global warming, air pollution and many other environmental problems that our planet is facing, the decision to “go green” is becoming even more of priority than ever before.

NEXUS4 is here to help you join the energy conservation cause.

We provide property owners, businesses and residences with unique, customized sustainable energy solutions that go well beyond simply saving you money, they help contribute to making the planet more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

NEXUS4’s energy efficient solar panels offer you a great way to help the environment while also putting a little money back into your pocket by creating a great return on investment.

Community Solar

When it comes to the national landscape of energy, the economy has greatly changed in scale and financing options for residential home owners, tenants, and community residents over the years. This is why it’s time for you to consider your first solar project for your business or property:

  • Offsetting tenant energy use in common areas with solar, in the multi-housing and small business markets can lower utility bills for both property owners and tenants.
  • Commercial organizations enjoy an expedited rate of depreciation, which can quickly help with revenue.
  • Movement towards energy reliance and energy security.
  • With three-quarters of species at risk of extinction, concern for clean water and air quality, taking care of our planet has never been more important.
  • Your first solar project is a stepping stone towards you becoming the power company for your tenants and residents. If there was ever a financial spring-board in your business, it will be in the near future when you can sell energy to your own tenants. Follow along with us while we stay at the forefront of that pursuit.

Protect your business from the threat of rising energy costs, contact NEXUS4 today to find out if your property qualifies and how we can help you join the movement towards energy reliance and security.

With the cost of energy consumption continually rising, there has been a related increase in the demand for consultation services for energy efficiency.

Commercial businesses and property owners have been employing energy saving technologies to try and help offset the cost of electricity for years. Until recently, there hasn’t been one sure fire way to reduce electricity consumption. Now, with the drastic improvements in LED technology, you can now cut your electricity consumption for lighting by up to 80%.

Start saving today with NEXUS4 energy efficiency upgrades, such as LED conversions. Our energy solutions will help lower your bills and reduce your overall energy usage with energy efficient in-unit and common area equipment.

Incentives at nearly all state levels are offered to help with the conversion. Which means you’ll save on the cost of upgrades and keep more in your organization’s pocket long term, all the while helping you save our environment.

We can help with all your energy consumption strategies, contact Nexus4 today.