The satellite is a piece of technology that has been changing American homes for years. In fact, for decades, satellites have not only been changing the aesthetic of homes, but also the structural face of your properties.

NEXUS4 has designed, built and installed Satellite systems not only for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), but also for Home Owners Associations, Hospitality establishments, and/ or commercial professional office properties.

Our system designs are flexible and scalable, allowing changes to the channel lineup at any time to satisfy the current resident base. Whether your property resides in the Midwest, East, South or West, forget about calling a small “satellite dish retailer” to find a real solution for your property. Almost all retailers are focused exclusively on installing single family homes.

Instead of taking your chances on that local satellite TV retailer, NEXUS4 will provide you with a “shared-satellite dish solution” with a core focus of serving multifamily properties. NEXUS4 satellite solutions offer little or no out of pocket cost for residents, owners, or the managing organization or the HOA. How we do this is by utilizing a single antenna per building, without requiring a captive audience to either DirecTV® or Dish®. These “multifamily” shared-dish providers differ from satellite retailers because they are fully focused on apartments, condominiums, senior housing, and other multifamily-type properties.

Comparing Cable to Satellite is no contest. Satellite offers more channels for less money with the latest equipment for the ultimate in home entertainment. With Home Satellite Solutions, we can hook you up with the best satellite deals available, whether you want sports or movies or something else.

Benefits of Satellite vs. Cable:

  • Hundreds of channels
  • The latest DVR technology
  • Lower overall cost
  • 4K content
  • Watch on mobile devices

The NEXUS4 satellite solutions will drastically improve the look and feel of your property, while adding to the perceived and real value.

  • Provides unmatched awareness of and commitment to the aesthetic and structural level of care for your buildings.
  • A Single Dish Solution for each of your buildings is a WIN-WIN-WIN idea.
  • Our customers are amazed with this service we offer them. Using much of the same technology used in the hospitality industry, we provide a single dish solution, with a 60 day* turnaround time on rewinding the clock of your properties aesthetics.
  • You win by ensuring that antennas are installed to your specifications, in predetermined locations.
  • Your residents win by never having to deal with lengthy 800 numbers and having the additional amenities.
  • Your property and resident managers win by showcasing properties that represent the structural and aesthetic values your company stands for, while having technicians committed to our mutual goals.

NEXUS4 offers Redundant Satellite Internet Services to ensure that our network provides maximum availability to our clients. Our robust satellite Internet solutions provide the “always-on” bandwidth that is required to support Broadband Data, VoIP, Security and Surveillance, as well as any other mission critical communications need.

Is it mission-critical that you have 100% uptime for your business internet? YES. No matter what industry you are in, one of the most critical network links in any commercial property management company, is its link to the Internet. When the Internet is up and running quickly, employees and customers are happy, when its down, you’ll be hearing complaints instantly.

In response to this mission-critical need for Internet, NEXUS4 offers redundant connections to the Internet at all times. Gas stations, medical centers and other organizations need redundant internet service in the event that their primary internet service provider goes down. If this is you, NEXUS4 can help.


Various companies are trying to be first to market with high speed and reliable alternatives to the general Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in each state. Some of these alternative solutions include Fiber to The “X” (FTTx), Point-to-Point (PtP) and Over The Air (OTA) deployments. All of these alternatives are ongoing projects being launched in various locations throughout the United States.

Over The Air (OTA): OTA is a standard for the transmission and reception of application-related information in a wireless communications system.

Point-to-Point (PtP): Point-to-point high speed internet is an innovative solution that allows for high speed internet speeds in areas that do not have traditional high speed access.

If you are interested in any of these solutions, contact NEXUS4 today! We can help you find the best solution that is available in your area, or to add you to our growing list of citizens who are demanding more from their ISP.