NEXUS4 is combining the power of interoperability, connectivity and machine intelligence to define the future of smart home technology within commercial properties and businesses across the United States.

NEXUS4 works with industry-leading developers to support secure, low-power, end-to-end solutions that will improve the way your employees, customers, residents and tenants interact with and manage their automated devices.

NEXUS4 was built around the idea that there exists no ecosystem in the market that is capable of servicing the many growing technological needs in which residents and tenants experience in the commercial rental market. The smart home market and the explosion of connected consumer products have created a dynamic environment filled with opportunities for businesses and property owners to compete in.

The Internet of Things is here to stay. In less than 10 months, there will be 6.4 billion connected devices worldwide. 40% of US enterprises expect the Internet of Things to alter the way they’ve been working for decades.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex ecosystem which consists of smart devices connected to the Web or/and each other.

The system has three levels:

  • Smart Devices or Gadgets: Various objects with embedded computing system and sensors. They wirelessly interact with the network and other gadgets.
  • Infrastructure: A computer program that runs on a corporate data server or in the cloud. The software receives and analyzes data generated by connected devices. Using the platform, service providers manage smart gadgets and deliver application updates.
  • Apps: Enterprise, web or mobile applications installed on a smartphone or personal computer. Users manage connected devices via apps.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing state of Internet enabled Things (e.g. objects, environments, vehicles and clothing) that can communicate the information associated with them to other like devices (M2M: machine to machine) as an integrated part of the Internet.

Here’s how IoT technology affects business:

  • Improved Services
  • Effective Digital Advertising
  • Deeper Understanding of Consumer Buying Habits

With NEXUS4, you can choose a platform that will change with you, across all levels, while staying within budget, improving net operating income and gaining the loyalty of your residents and clients.

Contact us today and discover how Smart Spaces can work for your business.