It’s time to take your local Master Service Operator (MSO) – Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, etc. – out of the picture and let NEXUS4 help you become your own ISP. We make becoming your own ISP simple and manageable no matter what industry your business falls under.

Become Your Own ISP in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Partner: with a company that has done millions of dollars of IT work for medium and enterprise level projects.
  2. Ensure: that partner will provide you with all of the following: property assessment, connectivity vendor contract review, engineered design, equipment selection, a clean installation, IT management, maintenance, ongoing customized on-site marketing, management and customer surveys, 24/7 monitoring, resident Help Desk support and future procurement provisioning.
  3. Select: One of a few packages, which best matches the property coverage you need, your budget and the future of your property’s goals.
  4. Increase: Resident, tenant, guest satisfaction and NOI, with necessary bandwidth optimization and management. Users subscribe to and pay for what they need, while neighbors aren’t left shortchanged.
  5. Launch: An Enterprise caliber system, designed and installed by individuals skilled in managing enterprise level IT platforms. Robust 24/7 tech support takes headaches away from staff and allows residents to manage their own systems.

Not all Managed IT companies and providers are created equal. NEXUS4 stands above the rest and is ready to discuss the individual needs of your business or property, share our project portfolio with you and prepare a proposal for your chosen property or project. Schedule a consultation today to find out how we can help you manage your property network efficiently and reduce costs.

NEXUS4 makes managing your previously complicated resident internet easy! Our cloud-based network setting uses an easy to follow, user-friendly platform and can be accessed from any location with a web browser.

This gives you the ability to:

  1. Suspend then resume any resident’s internet for non-payment of services or rent.
  2. View any registered customers and the number of residents using the Internet in real time.
  3. Create and view help desk tickets, status, and service trends.
  4. Place banners on your residents’ webpages end customized emails and/or text messages to them.
  5. Potentially participating in additional profit-sharing, using your WiFi as a marketing platform.

X marks the spot… for Fiber Deployments.

An increasing demand for high-speed internet access is the driving force behind our state-of-the-art fiber optic, FTTx networks. NEXUS4 uses FTTx to bring you both, high-speed signal and bandwidth to your managed property through a fiber optic infrastructure. Fiber to the X (FTTx) is about getting fiber optics to your building, school, apartment complex, or other “X” managed property location

FTTx Deployment:

NEXUS4 takes the time to research the location of your property so we can determine the amount of fiber optics needed, as well as put together a numbers estimate for you. By taking this initial step, it allows us to provide the best solution to increase your revenue. This revenue increase can be anywhere from $20 – $35 for multi-dwelling units, or in the $100’s for commercial shared tenancy services.

Get ahead of the game and add more revenue to your pocket with Fiber to the “X” solutions. Not only will you increase the value of your property, but with the amount of money you can save overall, the NEXUS4 FTTx solution is really a no-brainer! Find out if your property qualifies for FTTx today!