NEXUS4 is here to manage your technology so you can focus on the most important thing, your patients. We will provide you with a multi-tier system that allows medical staff, medical devices, patients/residents and guests to all share in a robust common WIFI ecosystem.

Imagine tracking the location of your resident while out on the grounds with their family, while mom hops on Facebook to post pictures and kids are watching YouTube. Meanwhile, a staff member is verifying the current physiological status of the resident from the nurse’s station. Not to be overshadowed by a large family’s need for bandwidth, the managed care, medical and hospital environments are ramping up in their need and ability to track a host of feedback sensors, such as time in bed or the restroom, timers to stay sitting after waking up in order to reduce vertigo, location of a walker or wearables, or even temperature detection of patients. Couple that with the needs of independent staff and guest needs, and you have a platform which requires reliable service, and hassle free customer service when necessary.

NEXUS4 is committed to the success of your healthcare organization – today and tomorrow. We are here to help you take on the here and now by empowering you with the best technology available for you to run your IT strategically and smoothly.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Better business, care and connectivity throughout your healthcare ecosystem
  • Efficient coordinated care
  • Years of seamless HIPAA & PHI industry compliance
  • Fully staffed Help Desk

Technology is helping healthcare organizations meet regulatory mandates, modernize operations and improve patient care. As a healthcare IT services provider, we can effectively plan, support and execute your IT initiatives; quickly assemble high-performance teams; and scale solutions to deliver results according to budget, time and quality commitments.