Todays property management teams are expected to support a large number of smart devices, demanding video and gaming services, as well as other high-bandwidth wireless applications.

Most importantly, it means that you deliver a network that is just as reliable as their water, heat and electricity.

NEXUS4 understands that this leaves you with a lot of technical challenges to overcome. Residents don’t want to hear about how hard it is to provide reliable WiFi on your property where thousands of devices are trying to connect. What they want to know is, the property down the street offers reliable WiFi, does yours?

The multi-dwelling unit and multi-family housing markets are unique. With a mix of ownership models, needs and wishes, it can be tough to provide a blanket best option for every property. This is a component of this unique industry. We have worked with all models, from single owner properties to HOAs to the typical property management model, and are happy to take our time in figuring out a long term plan that will help you increase net operating income, resident satisfaction, occupancy rates and long term enterprise level efficiencies.