On every college freshman’s top 10 list is stealthy fast WIFI. Speeds and bandwidth used at home will not suffice in this technologically thirsty environment. Bandwidth and connectivity are a huge concern for student housing owners. Unlike traditional multi-dwelling units, in student housing having access to high speed Internet is considered a standard amenity. A standard that has risen very high among students — meaning no downtime, as well as bandwidth and speed being able to accommodate all their devices running at anytime of day or night. Internet service is among the top complaints that student housing owners and operators hear, and one that they must constantly reinvest in to keep current. Whether it is deploying a ring around the perimeter of the grounds to serve 100,000 people, or getting service to 100 students in a single dorm distracted from their homework, NEXUS4 is here to meet your needs.

Keep up with the ever evolving technology trends in Student Housing with NEXUS4. We are here to help you keep internet speeds up to keep your student residents coming back! NEXUS4 offers you resident internet connectivity that can now be managed in a cloud-based setting using an easy to follow, user-friendly platform by staff, from any location with a web browser.

One of the most important aspects of student housing is to ensure that students are safe and secure. It’s a paramount consideration not only for students who currently live in dormitories-it’s also important to show prospective students and their parents that the university considers the security of its student housing residents to be a top priority.

Having a strategically placed surveillance system, with or without a monitored alarm option, can bring peace of mind and deter break-ins to your student housing property. You can monitor your property around the clock and improve employee productivity while reducing theft, vandalism, accidents and false claims. NEXUS4 offers a variety of Business Surveillance Systems and options to meet your Student House Security needs.